dyeing wool at home with food dye and microwave oven

dyeing wool at home for small projects is very easy

I believe in magic.
In the power of words, actions and colours. I believe that everything in this world has an energy and this energy works on us – like a warm or cold breeze, like a tickle in this special place in our brain which is responsible for the happiness, laughter, love and… fear.
I believe also that the magic has a price. If you cast an evil spell, to hurt or wound or if you take something from someone, soon you will pay the price of that evil or that which you took. But if you made a good spell and give something, soon you will receive more – the reward for the gift.
“Make something good and throw it behind your back”, my Mom says. “Help, stroke, kiss, feed… teach someone how to make something – maybe this new knowledge will give him a new way, new hope, new opportunity. Do not push him. Just leave him to choose how to use this knowledge, just give him the freedom to do it”.
These were my thoughts while I was dyeing wool today…
If you want to try some magic too, you need wool, food dye and a microwave oven. After all the bad things we can hear about microwaving, there is something very good – it is priceless for wool dying. Of course, you can’t dye so much wool to become rich, but you will have all the colours you ever dreamt about and still haven’t found in a shop. And just imagine the beauty you will create with these colours.

 Let me show you my way:

Take a glass with water mixed with a soup spoon of vinegar. Add some drops of food dye. Of course you can use powdered dye too, but with no sugar.

Mix the wool in the coloured water.

Put the glass in the microwave oven for about 3-5 minutes and 600-900 watts.

Take the glass out, but be very careful, because it will be very hot. You can use the same glass, just need a little bit more water, a spoon of vinegar and a few drops from a different colour.

You can use this glass as long you want since the wool absorbs most of the dye and make your magic with many, many colours.

The principle is very easy: more drops of food dye, the stronger the colour will be.

Look at this red!

When you take the wool out of the coloured water, wash it and put it in a glass with strong solution of sea salt in water. Leave the wool there for 5, 10 minutes or more. This will fix the colour.

And that is it – an ordinary home magic, made with a clean heart and desire to create something beautiful.

successful wool dyeing at home

Things you need: microwave oven, wool, food dye with no sugar, vinegar, sea salt, water, big glass;

Time you need: about 10 minutes for every colour.